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    Anaesthesiology, intensive care and emergency medicineAngiologyOphthalmologySurgery (general, visceral, vascular and thorax surgery)DermatologyGynaecology and obstetricsEar, nose and throat, head and neck surgery, and oral and maxillofacial surgeryHeart surgeryInternal medicine – endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, nephrology and rheumatologyCardiologyMedical ethicsNeurology and neurosurgeryOncology, haematology and palliative medicineOrthopaedics, trauma, spinal and plastic surgeryPaediatricsPathologyPneumologyPsychiatry and psychosomatics, incl. child and adolescent psychiatryRadiologyForensic medicineRehabilitationRadiotherapyUrologyLaboratory medicine

    Asklepios Klinik AltonaAsklepios Klinik BarmbekAsklepios Klinik NordAsklepios Klinik St. GeorgAsklepios Klinik WandsbekAsklepios Klinikum HarburgAsklepios Westklinikum HamburgMedical care centreMedilys – laboratoryAsklepios Campus HamburgCentral institute for transfusion medicineAsklepios Tumour Centre