Help to shape medical innovations.

Scientific research is an important component of medical education at the Asklepios Campus Hamburg (ACH) of Semmelweis University. This is why students are given the opportunity to actively conduct or contribute to research at the IKF at an early stage of their careers. By gaining an insight into varied and exciting research projects, basic research or randomised studies and pathophysiological backgrounds, students can acquire crucial experience that enables them to discover fascinating research fields and questions for themselves.

Get involved in varied and exciting research projects as a student at ACH.

Students are given the opportunity to actively conduct or contribute to research:

    • Fulfil the compulsory portion of the study course – producing a scientific paper (graduate thesis) – and help to support ongoing research projects.
    • Instead of a graduate thesis, you can submit an accepted publication in a journal as lead author using the peer-review process (journal impact factor is not a key consideration). Publication as lead author at an early stage of your career elevates your CV and increases the visibility of your research work.
    • Joint research in the Student Scientific Research Society (WSK)

Current student graduate theses and research papers


“Klassifikationssysteme für die Medikamenten-induzierte Schlafendoskopie bei obstruktiver Schlafapnoe”

Consultant: Prof. Dr. med. ThomasVerse

Häufigkeit von Trachealstenosen nach perkutaner dilatativer Tracheotomie

Consultant: Dr. med. Dr. habil.DirkBandorski

Minimalinvasive Versorgung des Sinus Pilonidalis mittels Pit-Picking.

Consultant: PD Dr. med. SvenPetersen

Characterization of Extracranial Giant Cell Arteritis with Intracranial Involvement and its Rapidly Progressive Subtype

Maximilian ChristianWankner
Consultant: Prof. Dr. med. JoachimRöther