Because medical advances need a strong partner.

Funding is limited, especially for research projects in the area of Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs). But often there are interesting non-commercial studies that are essential for clinical research and for the further development and improvement of existing therapy concepts in day-to-day clinical practice – and in particular for the optimisation of patient treatment.

Regulatory requirements and the number of involved partners mean that research projects are becoming increasingly complex. At the IKF, we offer you the “space” for your research, link you up with relevant academic partners, and help you to stay in control during the research process. At every important step. With the organisation, the data, the workload, funding issues, the administration and the application process.

What we offer

    • Identification of anticipated costs and funding requirements
    • Financing and securing funding – in particular through applications for third-party funding and earmarked donations
    • Application for approvals and ethics committee opinions
    • Contract and project management as well as study coordination and controlling in line with the provisions of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), under the AMG [German Medicinal Products Act], the MPG [German Medical Devices Act] and professional law
    • Assistance with the statistical evaluation
    • Ensuring the best possible data quality and patient safety
    • Scientific supervision and support by our Advisory Board
    • Provision of a wide range of research opportunities in the fields of cellular and molecular biology and protein biochemistry at the research laboratory at Asklepios Klinik St. Georg

Current research projects

Multidisciplinary research laboratory

With its spacious facilities and vast array of technical apparatus, the research laboratory at Asklepios Klinik St. Georg is well equipped for performing a wide range of research work in the fields of cellular and molecular biology as well as protein biochemistry. With its complete infrastructure, the basic research laboratory is available for use by the research-focused departments of all Asklepios Hamburg hospitals and the Asklepios Medical School.

The process of statistical consultancy and presentation, as well as evaluation of your research project:

Give us an outline of your research idea.

Together, we will formulate the specifics of your project and create the funding plan.

We will support you in applying for approvals and ethics committee opinions.

You start your research.



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